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Our excursions
Another look on Rio (1 Day)
Discover in the city center with a contrasted architecture, a mix of buildings from the XIXth century and modern skyscrapers. Visit the ancient monastery, teh Avenida Rio Branco, Carioca road and its ancient boutiques.
Lunch in Colombo cafeteria, one of the oldest cafeterias of Rio. Afternoon visit the Sugar loaf.

Coffee Farms (1 Day)
Discover the Valley Do Paraiba, to relive one of the historical moments of Brazil. Visit the three farms with the owners and enjoy a colonial lunch.

Iguacu Falls (2 Day)

Ilha Grande (1 Day)
Journey in the direction of Ilha Grande, which houses one of the last collections of ecosystems on the coast south of Rio. Walk 20 mn to discover the beach of Lopes Mendes; swim in the clear waters then drift along the inland coast of the island. Lunch in a typical restaurant.

Lopes Mendes (1/2 Day)

Paraty (1 Day)
Discover this historic city, which boasts one of the richest collections of colonial architecture in Brazil. A listed national historical monument, Paraty (the name of a fish, the mullet) is a harmonious picture: irregular paving stones in the streets, many sobrados with colorful doors and windows. Embarkation on a traditional boat for lunch on the cotton island, with free time for shopping. For your information - Cultural excursion - Transport: Bus or minibus and bateau œ Transfer: 1h 30'

Activity proposed by our Discovery Center.

Sail down the Mambucaba River in a zodiac - rafting level 3 - one hour of sheer emotion.

Descend fast-flowing rivers or rapids in a rubber dinghy for 4 to 8 people.Great team spirit and bonding. The most intrepid members of the team take the front seats, the most laid-back in the middle and the members with the most technique at the back. Rafting is the most exciting way to descend a river!
A barbecue is also schedulled.

Rio by night
Visit the area of Ipanema, the craft and painters market on the beach of Copacabana.
Enjoy diner in the Porcao restaurant of Ipanema.
Evening in the most famous brazilian cabaret "the Rio Scenarium" in Lapa.

Rio carnival
The Rio Carnival will take place on Sunday 19th ,Monday 20th and Saturday 25th of February 2012.
Once again this will be an exiting time with high colors and lots of rhythm.

Rio the Unique (1 Day)
Visit Corcovado and Redemption Christ, the sugar bread by cable cart, the beaches of Ipanema, Capacabana and Leblon. Lunch of a famous Churrascaria of Rio- Le Porcao.
Visit of an old area of Rio- Santa Teresa.

These excursions can be booked on-site at the resort's tours desk